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Foci dello Stella Reserve

Photo by: Glauco Vicario

FOCI DELLO STELLA regional nature reserve

Text by Glauco Vicario.

The Foci dello Stella nature reserve is one of the regional lagoon’s most peculiar and distinctive areas, boasting significant natural value. This protected area covers 1,377 hectares: the Stella river delta and a number of typical lagoon areas characterised by significant variations in salinity and temperature and featuring canals, mudflats and salt marshes.

The heart of the nature reserve is made up of extensive reeds broken up by a tortuous water network that delicately flows into the lagoon.

Reeds were once very common along the coastal areas of the northern Adriatic, but today they are extremely rare and precious and are, indeed, a constant and impressive symbol of the Foci dello Stella reserve.

The exceptional presence of birds in the reserve is one of the reasons why it has such high natural value. In fact, there are numerous species and quantities of birds that live and animate this marshy environment throughout the year. Many stay here during migration, many spend the winter here and others find this to be the ideal habitat for nesting.