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Stella Maris Band

Stella Maris Band- Music in Marano

Marano Lagunare already boasted its first local band band back in 1865, from whom today’s band gathers and maintains such a precious heritage, despite its ups and downs, always maintaining the same huge passion for music and unwavering commitment. This is also thanks to the former parish priest, Elia Piu, who reformed the band in 1972, giving it its current name.

The name “Stella Maris” conjures up the image of the star that guides sailors during the night; in the same way, after all these years, our band can also shine on this area’s music scene, keeping local traditions alive at the same time as promoting musical culture, especially among young people.

The band is made up of 30 musicians, including the youth band and the drummers, with a repertoire that covers classical musical, original pieces by each band and pop music covers remixed for this type of formation.

The many activities carried out by this association include the music school that involves over 50 children and youngsters, aged 5 and up, and participation in many music contests in the region and throughout Italy.

For over a decade, we’ve been organising the “MUSIC FESTIVAL” every July in the wonderful setting of the port of Marano, with the participation of incredibly talented Italian and international musical groups.