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Archeotipi youth association

Archeotipi is a youth association with “APS” status (associazione di promozione sociale – social promotion association), created in June 2015 when a group of youngsters from the area of Marano Lagunare came together, united by their passion for nature and curiosity for discovering the prehistoric roots of our local area.

Over the last few years, we have developed a range of knowledge necessary to organise and run educational workshops focusing on experimental archaeology and the pre-historic area (ArIA) of Marano Lagunare’s Canal Novo Valley Nature Reserve.

Daily tools created with the technology and raw materials used at the time provide practical experience of proto-historic living conditions and become useful lessons able to stimulate a sensory experience by interacting with the natural environment – an experience that now seems dormant in most people.

Our activities are mainly focused on primary school children, offering students the chance to integrate theory with practical experience out in nature, without excluding anyone who may be interested in rediscovering their prehistoric roots.