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Archeosub Marano Lagunare

Archeosub Marano Lagunare

The Archeosub association focuses on historical research in the local area, in terms of both the geographical area and as a place to be explored by studying historical documents, verbal statements and any other source of documentation.

This is an archaeology and art association in the Bassa Friulana, with headquarters in Marano. The purpose of the association is to promote, support and develop initiatives aimed at researching, studying, preserving and enhancing the area’s historical, archaeological and environmental heritage.

For many years now, the group has been working towards recovering the local ethnographic environment, organising exhibitions of the work done by the inhabitants of Marano: fishmongers, fishermen, etc. who show their worth from both a human and social point of view. The aim is to pass down the history and what is left of the town and its ancient community to future generations.

During the 1980s, this association significantly contributed to the creation of today’s archaeological museum, building up a small collection of numerous artefacts from around the lagoon, forming the basis of the future museum.